F/M OTK photos

Just a quick post to keep the spanking desires alive....
A woman should be diligent in her dutiesIf the male is dancing and moving too much, a leg lock is always useful, and happily inform him that his spanking is in no way finished.maybe a slight clothing mishap will cause amusement, specially because he cannot see it..

He may even start agreeing with everything you say... and that is quite funny because you intend to spank a lot harder soon...And remember to spank him before he goes out to the football match...but above all else, when finished she should be happy with her work...happy spankings


  1. Very nice pictures, I would like to be in any of those situations. I especially like #2 where the Lady puts her leg over one or both of his legs to better lock him in position, holding her target right where she wants it until she is finished. In #6 she has him straddling her leg so if he has an erection it is right close to her sweet spot, which is an awfully nice place for it to be while she blisters his butt.

  2. overherlap: yes, being over a woman's lap for a spanking is delightful... but if the bottom is well spanked, I doubt his erection will really be very strong on the woman's sweet spot...
    happy spankings

  3. I liked to be spanked naked over her knee with really hard spanking and than forced to stay in corner of the room naked and not allowed to ruby ads and also not allowed to wear clothes rest of the days. If any guest come I may be spanked more in front of them as a demo


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