I recently came across a number of spanking photos of brides. They are obviously staged, and for some website, but I do not know there real source.

So let your imagination roam.

I wonder, did your partner know of your spanking fetish before you were married?

Maybe the bride was spanked by her mother, before passing the cane to the groom for future use in the wedding...Can you imagine attending a wedding where the bride being given her first public spanking by the groom??? (Dreaming in 3 dimensional color)
Maybe a quick photo or two before the reception party on a river boat.. to show the cane lines have disappeared, so the groom has a fresh bottom to redden himselfTime to assume one of many spanking positions while pondering the joys of marriage during cornertime..Lowering the gown so that the view while standing in the corner for your partner's enjoyment, prior to your bridal spanking!
cornertime is over,
so let us get down to the real spanking... in position please
and we close with a happy bride after her spanking
let's get back to reality shall we
nice and red, so let us use the brush shall we...
and remember, I have these, so you are the one who gets spanked...
Happy dreams


  1. Consensual Spanking, how beautiful are those bride photo's. Especially #3. Oh!, how I would love to spank each of them on their naughty voluptous bare bottoms. Spank them with a cane. I can dream of such a delightful pastime.

  2. Red-
    When Cora and I actually get married it will be me on the receiving end. There may be pix.

  3. Hi Every Commenter: I enjoy comments, but please do NOT put links to your blog. I will look and decide if I want to publicize a blog. Leaving a comment allows anyone who likes your comment to click on your name,and that way they will find out that you have a blog.

    sixofthebest: dreaming is free, and often wonderful

    Ken: Enjoy, and best wishes if and when you both decide to marry.

    Happy Spankings

  4. To understand real life bridal spanking, it is necessary to go back a few generations.

    Prior to the 1970s in the United States, daughters were considered to be legal children until reaching the 21st birthday or until they married. In practical terms, that meant a young woman living at home or attending college as a freshman or sophomore could be legally spanked by either of her parents.

    At the same time, the median age for first time brides of the day was 20. Many were in their late teens. Husbands were typically at least 2 years older than their brides. Many had served in the military and were more mature.

    Also, at the time, the majority of the public still supported parents spanking their older daughters. Likewise, although not legally permissible, husbands were seldom if ever arrested for spanking their wives. Until shortly before 1970, scenes showing women being spanked were depicted in mainstream television and movies.

    Within this environment, it was not unheard of for a spanked by one of the parents shortly before her wedding, and then be spanked by her husband on her honeymoon. Although rare, it was also possible for young women to be spanked by both parents and a boyfriend.

    Of course, by the mid-1980s, not only were laws different, public attitudes toward spanking had also changed. Today, women began marrying in their mid-20s. Many brides are better educated than their husbands. Most have worked alongside or even held positions of authority over men in the workplace. These changes explain why the concept of bride spanking seems so bizarre to younger generations.

    Yet, at one time, the idea that a young woman might be spanked by her mother before the wedding or by her husband shortly afterwards was no stranger than considering the bride walking the aisle in her wedding dress probably wasn't a virgin!

  5. anon: so glad to know how much society has progressed. It may be two steps forward and one step back, but spanking children, or spanking the bride to let her know she is still a chattel belonging to someone, is wonderful to know that has changed in the civilized world. (but not the ISIS, and many parts of the muslim world)
    bottoms up


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