daily motion

Another website that you might like to join is daily motion, if you enjoy looking at short spanking videos.

The feature I liked best about this site is that I have not previously seen any of the spankers or spankees, so it is an extra treat.

You will have to join the site, but I recommend you use false data as your date of birth, BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE OVER 21 years of age. I have joined using this red.often@yahoo.com, so it is easy for me to keep track of user ids and passwords.

Here is one video you could watch of a woman enjoying being spanked... another role playing scene for Ronnie, Bonnie, and Hermione.

La_fessee005b by martin_popoversohlen

When one video ends, others are immediately suggested, and the catalog seems quite endless. You can also make a playlist of your favorites, for viewing at a later date.

20-strokes-german_BAX by klausschmit

IF for some reason the above video did not work, here is a link to one video, and once you have joined, you will be able to see it as well as any others that you want.



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