captioned f/m spanking thoughts on marriage

Wish our marriage had started like this!
but, without the Internet, and being so naïve about life...we didn't know.. I should have asked Cindy so much sooner in our marriage, or even before we were married. She might have agreed.. but it took me quite a bit of time to convince her
Cindy was unhappy hurting me, but willing to spank me when necessary, and the benefits are awesome
Today's twenty somethings might, and I say might, be more open to the idea
 and a weekly routine is useful
however, any other problems need to be dealt with also!
 so, you will be happily saying
and the key for every woman who spanks their husband...
Be happy! You are doing something that is necessary to have a very harmonious marriage.
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Understand the following
bottoms up
I would have no problem with Cindy saying this...



when you arrive home

Some days, this is the way it goes, when you come home....
Your partner's first words might be
 She might be standing in the hallway
 or awaiting you in the living room
or ready to give you a little surprise as you open the door
but leaving this in plain site shows you what is on the menu for tonight
She might even ask you to explain why you are going to be spanked, without giving you any hint to what you have done wrong!!!!!
bottoms up

Have you ever walked into the house and been told you are to be spanked?



humor to get you spanked

Some days, this is how it  goes
even responding to her with attempted humor can be a faux pas
Sending this to your wife thinking she will be amused about last night
 and really

okay dear, it is time,  first the brush
then the strap
hope you are smiling


what are you thinkiing?

If you are perusing my blog
I can imagine your thoughts with this post card...
We all liked spinners when we were young, and still do
high heels
Were you thinking you wished she played for your team?
Men wonder about this whenever they see a woman filling up the gas tank
 I guess it is safe to say they did this for only one year
 peek a boo

this is true
 the result when your wife catches you..
 many a lesson will be received over time
bottoms up


On the road again

So many adventures await
close to home
and further from home.... 
 I have done this.. and fortunately we have not been seen

Thus, although I have left blog posts while we are traveling, I doubt I will be able to post your comments
or make any changes to what is scheduled

or has been published
bye for now

I might even watch some tennis


what do you see first

I wonder what you see at first glance?
the Strap or her (body, face, breasts, pussy)
the cane, or Her(body, face, pussy)?
her body and her look, or the cane/
 the wooden spoon, or her (body, face, pussy)
 so many implements, or her (body, face, breasts, pussy)
 her switch or her (body, face, pussy)
 the cane, or Her(body, face, pussy)
 the outfit she is wearing, her soncentration on the phone, or the hairbrsuh
 her clothing and stern look, or the wooden spoon?
if you noticed the spanking implement first, you are indeed a spanko.

bottoms up