christmas cheer

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So, we went to a friends house last night to celebrate his turning 60. (still a young man in my books) and we had fun presents....

On one box, I had: " something to keep as you get older?
What was the present?

The second present was:
1. Something you and your wife can have lots of fun with as you age!
2. Chuck Berry had his only #1 hit in the USA in 1972, singing about this
3. some of the words of the song were: " I want you to play with my ____ _ ____
What was the present?

Answers tomorrow!

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never go to sleep mad

There is a very easy way to avoid being mad when you go to sleep
waiting patiently
 solution in progress
problem solved

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Time to spank Santa

Santa admits to being a fat, judgmental bastard

Here is a fun link you might enjoy

Festive favourite Santa Claus has admitted to being a fat, judgmental bastard.

Santa judges millions of small children around the world every year, leading to emotional trauma and feelings of insecurity among youngsters.

Santa came clean, telling Grumpy Fuckers:
“I’ve been doing this shit for years and it’s only recently that I’ve realized that I’ve been judging these poor kids all these years. Who am I to tell them whether they deserve toys or not? I bounce around the place, eating mince pies and putting on shitloads of weight. I think I need to come clean and admit that I’ve got some kind of problem. I’ve been to see my doctor and he told me to stop being so judgmental. I told him where to go and punched him in the face.”

One child said:
“Who is this fat fucker to judge me? I spend all my life trying to be good and as soon as I put one foot out of place, he’s there with his fat face, judging me and telling me that I’m on his naughty list. Well guess what fucker, you’re on my Shit List and you can get screwed,” said Timmy, aged 5.

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female lead relationships

As it is coming down to the Christmas crunch,
I am just  making quick posts.
if you argue
the next words might be
but it will happen



some days

Some days,
your attempt at playful humor is NOT appreciated, and this is the result
 This lady looks better than me
 but everyone knows what happens next
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Have you ever done this

This is the sight your partner sees when they arrive home, and come into the bedroom..

I have never done exactly this, but I have gone to Cindy and told her that I have done something that she should spank me for. After explaining what has been done, I have been well spanked.

This question also applies for women

We are once again home, but it will take awhile before I post longer thoughts than a quickee post around a photo or artwork.

We had a good time while away.

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fun post for today
the result:
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Spanking Tumblrs

In the spirit of giving, here are many spanking tumblrs you may enjoy.

An interesting work environment  is the title,
and the description is 
I came upon a company with an unusual policy which apparently allows the women who work there to spank the men. I have managed to find a number of pictures and some brief comments but no formal policy statement. I'm not sure how I would feel about spanking my coworkers but I can tell you that I have worked with a good number of men who I would have liked to have seen getting a good spanking.

Spanking, Exhibitionism, Pegging and other kinks can be found here

If a fan of looking at spanking

Corner time photos of spanked females  

So many tumblrs, so little time...


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