spanking thoughts of the day

You might arrive home late, and you know that always annoys your wife that you did not call letting her know! Dare you ask?.
Unfortunately, if this is how your wife is waiting when you arrive... Your fate is obvious
If she states: Our dinner is burnt, that will not the only thing that is getting burnt tonight
A smiling wife can be frightening, when you look and see the chair, brush and cane. You know only too well that after she finishes with the hair brush, she will be delighted to use the cane...
Your eyes darting back and forth from the chair to the cane has put fear into your face, and she is delighted.
This is the only solution that will work... best not to delay the inevitable
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and your giggle for today....


tumblr ideas

Fun captions abound on the internet, and one might just be useful to any reader who wants but is too timid to suggest the fantasy to their partner...
By now, I hope all the readers comments, and my descriptions have given anyone who has not talked to their partner about spanking to have the nerve to ask to be spanked, whether you are the male or the female
However, maybe it might be that you would like her to wear something that is very revealing, so that she can give you a delicious thrill. Cindy does this occasionally
Maybe she should flash you sometimes. I truly love this, and have taken many, many topless photos of Cindy around the world,
 specially in spring or fall when the tourists are not all around
and occasionally absolutely nude photos, and somewhere else than at a nudist beach.in a  quiet place. The thought of a few places (on a hillside, walking beside the ocean, and a few others spring to mind)
Maybe you might suggest she take a topless or even less clothing photo and send it to you electronically Cindy has NEVER sent me electronically any erotic photos of herself..
but one can always hope
Many more ideas exist, and I will post some of them in the next few days.... We have done all of the above, except Cindy has never sent me any topless or more photos of herself.

Have you done any of the above, besides the spanking?

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giggles grins and reflections

So, with my apologies to Cat for my tardiness, I am finally shouting out to all my readers of a fun blog to visit.
Everyone can use a grin or a giggle daily, so here is a fun site to visit

one might say that I have taken a cotton to her blog....
 and, as always
perverted in the best fun loving sense of the word for someone who makes an effort to enjoy life daily.
 and enjoy being spanked (photo from www.aaaspanking.com)
or spanking that special someone
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Fulfilling your fantasies

Everyone at some time has fantasies, and, with trepidation,
suggest them to their partner.
How has asking your lifetime partner, (not simply a date with a new person for a few weeks)  affected your relationship?

With Cindy, I have expressed my desire for spanking...
and it has helped solve problems, and enhanced what was already a wonderful sex life...

I have asked her to peg me...  and
it is wonderful
I have also grown into the fantasy and reality of wearing panties sometimes
no, it doesn't do the above, but it certainly is fun, 
The feel is so much softer, if not doing anything athletic, or walking for a significant amount of hours. Cindy does not mind, and finds it somewhat erotic...
My fantasies have been realized, and our relationship is amazing and wonderful.

So, how have your fantasies been realized

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Sad to say, he won't go away

 And he will be around for many a day....  sing along with me... Amazingly (not really), I found new comments from two new readers this morning.!. Well, actually, two new accounts, that if you click on them, I was the first person to look at the account. Thus, newly created. Similar type comments, rather disturbing, related to the wheel barrow spankings....  I will not post about him again, but just a word of warning in case he appears on your blog.

Life has so much more to offer, so many more fun things to do than simply comment on this blog... like...
So, unfortunately, I will be deleting comments from many anonymous readers, if the comment has any relation to the type of spam created by my former spammer.
Now, this young lady has the right idea
and so does her friend
Maybe within a year or two, he might give up after never seeing his comments posted.

If, unfortunately, I delete a real comment from some one else, my apologies...
If I have never stated it before, please relate only real events in your life, not events of fantasy!!!!! It only makes sense that people can relate to, and maybe incorporate in their lifestyle.

And a delightful copy from CAT... http://gigglesgrinsandreflections.blogspot.com/

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informative blow job quiz

One always wonders who visits this blog, and if occasionally something written is useful to them.  On the other hand, one also wonders if what people view on the internet gives them a very distorted view of reality.
I truly believe if I had told Cindy my spanking fantasies, it would have ended any relationship before it began. my fantasies were never as important as being with a woman I was falling in love with. thus, to my frequent spammer, find someone you love, not someone willing to trade spanking you for a real relationship of love and affection.

So many sex sites exist free of charge on the internet, that one wonders on our youths' actual knowledge.

Here is a short quiz of ten questions, that has useful information...  and maybe might have been forgotten by older readers


Enjoy the photos that accompany the questions.
now, back to reality, or is it just a fantasy..
Why Dennis's father gets spanked....

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wheel barrow spanking

A number of tumblrs are currently posting some of these pictures, and I thought I would give you a link to one site that has two of my favorite spankers in action. (Clare Fonda and Sarah Gregory..)
The position is amazing for the spanker, not quite certain how comfortable it is for the spanker...It certainly does revel all of the woman, which might be a bit embarrassing, but I am certain a hard spanking would immediately distract you from the embarrassment.

You can view a short video at
and then scroll down a little

You can find the clip for sale at

seems to be creating a few or possibly a considerable amount of this type video, as seen by a few photos from various tumblrs that have the pictures

Have you ever been spanked in this position?

Would you suggest it to your spanker? (or spankee)

Lots of good free stuff to whet your appetite, and maybe this link will give you a reason to join their site.
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the scenic beach view

a rather irreverent post.....
now, long distance photos
 but then you zoom in on your computer

and crop the result
gives many beautiful results of wonderful beach walks


thanks, ladies, for enjoying life to the fullest 

 thanks to all the swimsuit manufacturers making life at the beach so enjoyable

bottoms up (and uncovered)