A smile for today

Life should be enjoyed, not endured....
Thought for the day

and with that delicious dinner

now, some people might feel like this
and if Cindy read the above, she should also always remember to look at this eyechart...
Ya THINK: Maybe there is some truth in this comment
Never, never....
Now this is funny, if you read the caption...
 For all you northerners (at least in Alaska)
 I can just see Baxter, and myself, and many others wanting to work at this office
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Red is thoroughly spanked

As you may have guessed, the day after Cindy had been spanked, I was quite significantly spanked. I am in no way complaining, as I wish Cindy would spank me more often, for a happier marriage.

I know that at times (often), I can be quite dominant in my opinions as what we should be doing, and many features of life. This issues are easily controlled by a spanking. 'I also have a tendency when stressed to raise my voice, and this can be controlled by Cindy, simply with a upraised eyebrow, or by simply stating "notch"

The scenario was my having to retrieve Ms. Hurley, a bath brush, and Cindy's favorite heart shaped metal studded paddle.

Cindy started by having me stand in the corner for ten minutes, with my pants around my ankles. This does increase your awareness, being partially undressed, and simply wearing panties.

Cindy, eventually, (or that is what it feels like standing there), came in to the bedroom, and called me over for my spanking.  she patted her lap, and i lowered my panties and bared, bent over her lap.

Cindy started with Ms. Hurley, with a definite delight in her voice, of how Danielle would be happy at her using this. Ms. Hurley descended with strength, slowly spanking one cheek, then on to the other, and back again. Every spank was really felt and my feet and legs were dancing, and I was owwing from the first few spanks. Many spanks late, cindy stopped to inform me as to reason for my spanking.

Ouch!!!! If the lecture was only starting, Cindy was still holding the first implement. After the lecture, the spanking re-commenced.

After a little while, Cindy then paused and switched to the leather paddle, which she used with vigor. It was as though she had just started, enthusiastic and wanting to get a reaction, which that implement certainly achieves. the way it nudges between the cheeks.

Cindy eventually stopped, stating that my face was very red, as the head down towards the floor was causing this redness.

Spanking finished? Absolutely NOT. Cindy stated lets move to the bed, and promptly sat on the bed, beckoning me over her knee, prone on the bed.

Cindy now stated it was time for the bath brush, and WOW!!! I think this was the hardest spanks of the trio. i was owwing and feet dancing, and i believe a few tears formed in my eyes.

Cindy finally stopped, and expressed pleasure at how red my bottom was, but then decided that the top of my bottom was still quite white. I offered (reluctantly) that leather at the top of my bottom is safe, but wood COULD CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY!

Cindy delighted in using this rapidly with strength for a couple of minutes.

This is the strongest Cindy has ever spanked me, and it was effective. Payback is a bitch some might say, if you have read how I spanked Cindy the day before.
I now know  what people mean when they say that their bottom feels like it has been stung by bees, as it was a constant prickly stinging pins and needles feeling for the remainder of the day.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and shortly thereafter the loving making was out of this world. ..

The next morning, my bottom was still quite pink, and after my shower, extremely red.

A photo tells the story better than a thousand words.
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on the road again

The road beckons, as does the airplane and the beach...

( thus, although I have left posts, this blog is not monitored until I return

Why the beach, let me count the ways:
Maybe it is the newest beach wear
or lack thereof
however, I must always remember to behave (somewhat)
and, the method of a happy marriage

NOW: for all the Monday morning blues, there is a solution...
the younger women in the audience might respond to my last attempt at humor with
and if you happen to not hear clearly what is stated
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spanking cock (adventurous tuesdays)

When I created last Tuesdays post, I knew I had to do a comparable one about men. Thus, adventurous Tuesday has women playing with a man's cock
It might be that you are about to be spanked, but then your partner decides to add a little thrill (or do we mean  CHILL)  before beginning the spanking.
touching it first with the cane, while she lectures you about your thinking with your cock, not your brain
and if you have an erection before being spanked, maybe she might decide to play with it for a little while, and it appears she has a friend to watch your spanking.
If you thought the hand was naughty, how about a crop, gently, but repetitively to your erection 
This looks frightening

This is Frightful! She decides you should have an orgasm to remove the erection, but a spanking of your jewels while you are climaxing... YIKESSSSS!
So, consensually adults should enjoy making their own boundaries! However, we have never even tried photo one, so I doubt we would ever get to photo three or four.

When I mess up
Best just to have a happy wife
and a bottom that is bared
 to be spanked
No need for me to list sites where you can find these photos, as many tumblr sites exist.
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Cindy spanked

Sometimes, Cindy gets spanked. These spankings are very infrequent, but her behavior was unacceptable, and miss-directed at me.

We have some very nice friends, but one talks an awful lot, and is hard to deter. Cindy was drying her hair, when I answered the phone and gave it to her, as the friend was suggesting a walk. Cindy agreed to go in fifteen minutes, but the woman kept talking, and i asked Cindy to ask if her husband would like to go for coffee. Cindy was exasperated, and simply should have said "i must go to finish drying my hair", but didn't.

I mouthed again to ask about coffee, and Cindy, frustrated, mouthed back to me... F*ck Off.

Shortly afterwards, I informed Cindy that I was going to spank her for her response. She immediately apologized,  stated that she was frustrated, and i responded that she should have been more forceful with the friend, not abusive to me.

Later that afternoon, I stated that it was time for her spanking. Cindy was very reluctant, but accompanied me to the bedroom. I retrieved the wooden hair brush, and she wailed "not the hair brush".
I sat on the bed, and had Cindy lower her  jeans and panties, and she started to sob a little, possibly with a few tears. Twenty spanks I declared, and Cindy responded "No, that is too many", and I replied maybe it should be 25 if you are arguing.

Bare bottom spanks with the hair brush, and having Cindy count them, as i slowly spanked her bottom. A few wails during the first four spanks, a pause, and slow spanks alternating cheeks, to get up to eight. Cindy was quite distressed, and i waited and slowly rubbed her bottom. Cindy stated "too hard", but I responded that her bottom was barely pink, and continued the spanking, with Cindy sobbing a bit. I doubt their were any tears, but their might have been because of her emotional state, not the state of her bottom.

After twelve with the hair brush, I changed to using my hand, and gave eight more sharp spanks. Cindy was permitted to arise, and when she had, I asked if she wanted to say something. She responded : Thank you for my spanking! This is a little ritual we do, and Cindy delights when I have to say it after being spanked, but she is less delighted to say it.

In case anyone thinks this was too hard a spanking, it was simply that Cindy was quite overcome with guilt for what she had stated. About a year ago, while on a cruise, Cindy volunteered for a hard 20 spank spanking with the same hair brush, so that she could spend the evening finishing reading her book that was about to expire on her Ipad from the library. The funny part was that the boook never disappeared for almost a week after when it should have been deleted.

this happened two days ago, and you can rest assured that Cindy had a reason to give me a SIGNIFICANT spanking the next day, which I will tell you about in a day or two.

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A Christmas gift to purchase

A Christmas present for yourself, might be the purchase of a wooden bath brush, if you do not already own one....
Now, if you are the spanker, this is something that you would really love to use...
It is innocuous enough that you can leave it hanging in the bath room, readily available to be used. 
However, it will give a chill (or maybe a thrill) every time the spankee sees it in the bathroom.

I can attest to the fact that it is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, even when used lightly.  If used with  strength, and appropriate scolding, I can imagine this statement to be true...
s you can see, it can be very effective both indoors and outdoors
or for REAL AGE PLAY in  a school setting.
Why would a person who is spanked PURCHASE this....  As D so correctly put it...
The object of a spanking is to be effective, and this makes it easy for your loved one to give a quick EFFECTIVE spanking with little effort on the spanker's part, but maximum impact on the spankee.

I suggest you do NOT purchase "The BODY SHOP" bath brush, as it is simply to heavy, but many others are available that will do wonderfully well.


PS: Your partner might need to use a leg lock to keep you in position while being spanked with a bath brush. She will be smiling in your antics to avoid the spanks
Conclusion: if yo are a male who is spanked by your wife or girlfriend..  give her something she will REALLY ENJOY!

and if a woman purchases it for her partner to use on her bottom

all of a sudden the worry will set in when informed to retrieve the bath brush and wait in the bedroom for your spanking...  (what you will think of me for suggesting this purchase ... might not be fit to print)

However, maybe you will be a lucky girl and be spanked standing up, where the flesh is never as tight as when bending over at the waist.
PS: if you do not like wooden toys, you will truly hate this brush...
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Katie's spanking blog

I am slow at traversing blogland, as keeping a blog active posting most days takes quite a lot of time...

so, with Love Our Lurkers day, here is a blog I know you will enjoy.

The blog involves a woman who introduced TTWD into their relationship of  28 years marriage, and it has worked out extremely well.  Like Bonnie, Ronnie, Hermione, and Jan, Katie enjoys being spanked by her husband Rob...

Many of my readers have probably  visited this blog more often than I have, but hopefully if you have not visited, you will drop by. I am certain you will be entertained.

The spanking art is vintage, and not found on Katie's blog... but it might give her a few ideas how to earn an extra spanking..
A) being late to pick-up her husband
 and if that does NOT work, claim you spoiled dinner (Remember, only pretend)

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witnessed spanking

A few readers have expressed that their spankings are sometimes witnessed. This involves the man being spanked by his wife, and possibly a sister-in-law or mother-in-law.
Few ladies follow this blog, but we can at least dream of being the fly on the wall
watching one of our favorite spankee bloggers
bent over albeit wearing a thong 
or maybe pantyless
fun to imagine, but for the men who are spanked, wouldn't it be better to imagine a helping hand sometimes
or even
and participate if they want
pleasant dreams
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