voice message about your first real spanking when you get home!

I found this first on

The owner of this blog, a woman friend, adds the following
"this audio file is fantastic!  Only wish there were more!"

which had re-posted it from

who wrote; "A voice mail message from a very strict wife. She tells hubby he’s in for the spanking of a lifetime when he gets home!"

My Preface: We do NOT believe in spanking children, so please see this as a role play dialogue when listening to the content. Imagine if you want, that the spankings described were given when the children had reached the age of 18, but still lived at home...  I do not know if the embed feature is clickable, so I have both links to find the original content.


The woman's voice is that  of Elizabeth Burns, and Spencerpaddle@gmail.com  published on his tumblr  (www.spanked2realtears.tumblr.com). I believe the link works, but if it doesn't come back later today and I will upload the audio file.

Wow!!!! This certainly had an erotic effect, and also one of great fearful anticipation...
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adventurous Tuesdays - oral submissive and spanking

The topic found on some tumblrs is interesting, so i thought I might post a few pictures to whet your appetite.
 When a couple make love...
 TREAT  (or should I say EAT) your girl right is an awesome tee-shirt
but combining oral with SPANKING:
Ohhhh… You will know when I am getting close…I will spank you harder and faster, just like a jockey applying the whip as he approaches the finish line. (PS: I wish we had done this 30 years ago, when my back and body were this flexible.
or if you ever desire a threesome
She might even keep her dress on, while you are naked treating her deliciously
 This is very true! I would gladly do this whenever Cindy desires it...and fortunately, we do this often.
 always remember
I should offer this as a breakfast appetizer
She might take off her skirt, but you are naked

and in closing

Do you orally satisfy your partner?

Has anyone ever been spanked while licking your partner's pussy?

Has anyone ever been spanked while sucking their partner's cock?

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more humorous reasons why men get spanked

All spanking and no humor makes Red a unhappy man.... Thus, today, some attempts at humor

1. Naughty humor   (a tongue in cheek Australian humorous bit for a CIDER brewed by  a company called Dickens.   a cider called dickens... or you might say Dickens Cider


3.  Men are suckers(in more than one way) when it comes to women's breasts
 4. Try saying this to your girlfriend when you are walking into a bar: oh my this bar does NOT serve women.
5. photobombing
as she so well states a fact
6. The police officer was not amused when you stated: but I wasn't TEXTING...
hope it was his wife

The result from showing humor that males like more than ladies is inevitable
and remember
captioned photos came from


HAVE YOU EVER ASKED for a spanking

I know i do.....
It is very adventurous to ask outdoors
but standing like this with a spanking implement beside you,w hen you rpartner walks in the room might give that person the idea you would like to be spanked
however, a photo like this might suggest other things to a man besides spanking...

so be certain to be extremely obvious
and maybe even text him that you want to be spanked as soon as he gets home
however, if you were expecting a nice warm hand spanking, you might be surprised

men are unpredictable





wheel barrow position

Some might call this the diaper position,  but I prefer to use the terminology of wheel barrow.
It is practical for only the young
and sometimes might need a helping hand to stay in position

or for the young at heart who are very flexible
These two photos show the contrast beautifully of the lower bottom being spanked, or the upper part
Wrapping your arms around your knees keeps you securely in place
However, with a helping hand, you need to bite your lip to endure the strap that is being so effective
The hands behind the knees would work, and panties would provide modesty if it is desired
whereas spreading the legs a little allows the implement some interior cheeks to be spanked
whereas spread wide, thoughts arise to what else might be lightly spanked
men can keep their legs firmly closed for safety
but a helping thumb might be needed
it is an enjoyable view for someone to watch
and the spankee twisting and turning simply gives more access to the sides of the bottom cheeks
but the thought of two spankers is DAUNTING, to say the least
if you like this type of photo, you will find more at


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spanked to reduce stress

Spankings work to reduce my stress!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I have to ask, and sometimes Cindy just realizes that my behavior is frantic, and that a spanking is needed to calm me.

Very recently, we had repairmen in the house, and that always elevates my anxiety levels.Cindy spoke to me privately and stated: " You need to be spanked", which really took me by surprise...

The comment did calm me down for a while, but the spanking could not be given, as the workmen were in the house all day, and we were exhausted that night.

Two days later, however, Cindy felt I had rested long enough, and that the promised spanking would be given.

Cindy felt that the spanking should be significant, as two days later I was still quite stressed. She had me get both the long and the short tawse, and then had me move the spanking chair out into the middle of the bedroom. She seated herself, and I obediently retrieved her spanking high heel leather shoes, as they raise her knees up significantly, and it makes my bottom to be well placed fo reasy spanking.

When asked, I bared my bottom and was immediately over her knee. No warm-up, just full throttle spanks with my feet starting to dance immediately. This spanking was going to be effective. Cindy varied speed, cheek to cheek, then only one cheek for a while, then the other. When spanking the closest cheek to her, the tawse pushes it's way into the crack of your bottom, as you can see from the photo shown. There is no white space between the cheeks.

After a few minutes, Cindy decided it was best to now move on to the long tawse. This is not appropriate nor effective for OTK, so I moved from over her knees to putting two pillows on the bed, and placing my bottom over the pillows for maximum exposure.

The long tawse worked its magic on my bottom, and I was owwwwing and squirming while staying in relative position

Cindy was very effective, in that she permitted it to wrap at times (OWWWW), visited the top of my bottom( a portion that is rarely spanked.. (that is until the last few spankings..hmmm this might become a regular feature when not using a wooden implement), and the top of my thighs below my bottom.

When I was permitted to stand, Cindy decided a few more choice spanks with me bent at the waist would finish the spanking nicely.  Wow! They were exceptionally effective.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and we hugged and kissed. No love making ensued until the next day, and it was amazing. My bottom was sore for three days, and Cindy asked me at least once each day how my bottom felt, I responded it was sore, and she smiled and stated :"That is what it should be  after a spanking"

PS: my stress was long gone1
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some reasons why men are spanked

1. for designing these Team swimsuits
2. For analyzing how to do the following yoga pose (aka: staring too long at women doing yoga)
3. for claiming you were looking at the chainsaw (what chainsaw)
4. For making comments you think are funny, but your wife does not appreciate them
like maybe saying to your mother in law: 
This is so very true... but it doesn't work
and by now you should realize the absurdity of the first part of this sentence...

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